Business Improvement Associates Ltd


We help owners and management teams of small and medium sized businesses and organisations achieve improved results.

How do we help?

We listen to our client's hopes and aspirations. We help them to build a vision for the future of their organisation.

We help them develop a focused action plan to achieve their business objectives.

We review their business operations to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement and identify actions that will have the greatest leverage on bottom line business performance.

We conduct customer and staff surveys to provide an unbiased view of how the business is perceived.

We support our clients through mentoring, coaching, management development activities and facilitation.

We build management confidence and competence, stimulate ideas and generate action from within our client's business.

What do we promise?

We believe our work offers great value to our clients and they deserve our best efforts at all times.

We measure our performance by capturing at the outset the client's intended outcomes and then later with our clients having an open and honest discussion on what has been achieved.

How to Contact Us for Further Information


Paul Groom, Principal Consultant on 07715 370 914

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